Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT) is the largest and one of the most highly regarded birding specialty tour companies in the world. Founded by industry leader Victor Emanuel in 1976, VENT has led thousands of tours to every corner of the globe. VENT clients benefit from the world-class expertise of its tour leaders and the office staff’s decades of tour operations experience. One of the first companies of its kind, VENT has been a pioneer in developing ecotourism across the globe, supporting the tour leader profession, creating cruise programs designed for birders, and sparking environmental awareness through youth birding camps.

People looking for high-quality birding and nature travel experiences should choose to travel with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours because:

● VENT travelers take part in the richest, most in-depth birding and nature travel experiences available.

● Tours are led by experts in their fields who, in many cases, have literally written the book on the birds in their region of expertise.

● Tour participants see and study birds, wildlife, and nature while traveling in comfort with high-quality accommodations and services.

● Travelers benefit from the decades of professional tour experience of both their guides and the office staff who manage the tour logistics and can respond quickly to emergency situations.

● VENT clients are traveling with a company that cares about the environment and supports ecotourism and bird habitat conservation worldwide.


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  1. Greg, please ask the naturalists if there is a concensus on the best birding binocular, cost no barrier.

    btw, I’m retiring from the FAA in about 18 months. We’ll be neighbors.

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